This dude trips and catches himself...on a painting that is 350 years old, and worth a whole lotta money!

A 12-year-old in Taiwan went to The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius art exhibition. There were 55 authentic pieces of art on display that are very rare and precious.

The boy is seen walking up to the area carrying a beverage, where he trips, and steadies himself using the artwork. He then VERY awkwardly stands around until he's approached by a worker, leaving a fist sized hole in the painting.

The organizers identified the artwork as “Flowers”, by late-Baroque-period Italian painter Paolo Porpora. It WAS valued at $1.5 million.

They will attempt to have the damage repaired by a local art restorer before shipping back home to Italy.

Organizers of the exhibition released video footage of the incident.

The boy will not be forced to pay for the painting as everything in the exhibit was insured.

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