Next time someone calls you “ballsy,” you can relish in the compliment — but just remember there’s a guy out there with a 100-pound scrotum who’s heard it more than you ever will.

For the past three years, Wesley Warren Jr. of Las Vegas has suffered from scrotal elephantiasis — in other words, dude has a sack the size of an adolescent Olympic gymnast. His ‘nads are so big that he has to prop them up when he sits down, and he wraps them in an upside-down hoodie when he ventures outside.

Originally he was seeking medical intervention for what is surely a rather inconvenient affliction, but after his story appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the media came a-calling. He’s now appeared on ‘Tosh.0′ and will soon be featured on the Learning Channel and in a new documentary, and he says Howard Stern wants to meet him.

Unfortunately, the freakshow-fame seems to have gone to his head (the one above his shoulders). When Dr. Mehmet Oz, who helms TV’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ offered to find the best surgeons possible to help rid Warren of the ailment at no cost to him, he balked — partly because Dr. Oz wanted an exclusive on the story.

Warren says he’s also afraid of the risky operation. But at 400 pounds, the 47-year-old man seems to live a little dangerously already. Let’s just hope being ballsy isn’t what finally takes him out.

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