Tom Hardy

Carnage Will Be the Villain of Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’
In the middle of their profile of Sony, Marvel, and their unique arrangement sharing the character of Spider-Man in both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, The Hollywood Reporter dropped a fairly major detail about the upcoming Venom film that Sony is d…
Tom Hardy To Play Elton John In Biopic ‘Rocketman’
Tom Hardy is taking a break from being a bulked up badass, to be a musical badass! He's gonna be playing Elton John in the biopic Rocketman. Keep reading for more info, some pretty interesting stuff, as Elton John is a part of this biopic.
Tom Hardy Took A Cancer Patient Out On A Date And Bought Her What?
Tom Hardy is awesome. He's a great actor for sure. It turns out he's actually good people too! When a 23 year old cancer patient went on a British talk show and said that going out on a date with Tom was on her bucket list...he made it happen! Oh, he also bought her something pretty expensive...jus…
Tom Hardy As Max Rockatansky In Mad Max: Fury Road [Pic]
Tom Hardy is taking over Mel Gibson's role in the Mad Max series. The next installment, which if you're reading this the world didn't end, is set to be released next year. Filming just wrapped on Mad Max: Fury Road, and apparently this pic, signed by Tom Hardy himself, was given to the crew of the m…

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