swimming pool

Crazy Guy Attempts Backflip Into Swimming Pool Off Of Roof [NSFW-Video]
Some people are known to be more brave than others. Some people are known to be more stupid than others. This guy is a bit of both. Cutting a backflip off of your roof into a swimming pool can be extremely dangerous. The worst case scenario can lead to death. Watch as this guy attempts a full backfl…
Young Sofia Vergara Working Out In A Pool [Video]
Even when actress Sofia Vergara was young, she was smokin' hot! Here is a video I found online of the Modern Family actress working out in a blue bikini in a swimming pool. Why post this? Because she is hot and it is Tuesday, that's why!
Cat Escapes Dog By Surfing Across Swimming Pool [Video]
This is the most clever escape made by a cat, from a fox terrier. Why run from him, when you can take the surfboard across the swimming pool instead! Don't believe it, check out the proof on the video. You can view it after the jump.