Planking and Owling Are Out – Lesuire Diving Is In!
We've kept you updated on the latest fads of planking and most recently owling. If you're still doing them... stop. That's old news fool. The newest "me too" craze is "Lesuire Diving." Unlike planking and owling, this poses take some actual skill, a…
Owling – The New Planking?
Still Planking? Well, you're out, and Owling is in! This is just starting to blow up, so if you're into it, send your pics to
Tai Joins The “Planking” Trend! [Pic]
Well, I wanted to see what all the whole "Planking" fuss was about. It's actually not a good idea after eating dinner. Check out the full size "Plank pic" after the jump!
Planking – It’s A Family Tradition [Gallery]
Lately, Planking has been getting alot of pub in the pop culture world. Everybody is doing it...from sports stars to Hollywood. But, what the hell is it?
Wikipedia describes Planking as "The lying down game (also known as planking, or face downs) is an activity, popular in various parts of t…