‘Dexter’ Coming To Netflix
If you never got into the Showtime series Dexter, or maybe you wanted to go back and remember a time when it was a really good show, Dexter is coming (back) to Netflix! Keep reading to find out more details including when you can start watching it!
Dogxter, The Dog Dexter Parody [Video]
If you are a fan of the Showtime original series Dexter, then you might get a kick out of this. It's a parody of the intro of Dexter called Dogxter. It shows his morning routine just like Dexter does! You can watch the video here.
Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ Is Coming To An End
We've mentioned before about the hinting at the end of Showtime's hit show 'Dexter'. Midway through season 6 the show was renewed for at least 2 more seasons. Now, an executive producer has given us an end time for the show.
‘Dexter’ May Be Coming To A Theater Near You
The massively popular Showtime show 'Dexter' was renewed last November for at least 2 more seasons. It's been hinted that the eighth season will be the last. But that doesn't necessarily mean an end...According to executive producer Manny Coto the show isn't looking 'at…
‘Dexter’ Renewed For At Least Two More Seasons!
Rejoice 'Dexter' fans! There was rumor last month that the show may be over after this season. That's not the case! Dexter will kill again! For at least two more seasons! And both Showtime and Michael C. Hall seem united as one once again...Read the story after the jump!
Future Of ‘Dexter’ In Limbo
Say it ain't so!!! According to Deadline a stalemate between Michael C. Hall, the man we all know as Dexter Morgan, and Showtime have put the future of the show in limbo.

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