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About That Time James Bond Recycled a Plot Twist From Austin Powers
Austin Powers in Goldmember is not a very good movie. Most of the jokes, when there are jokes at all, are callbacks to the previous two Austin Powers. Whole scenes consist entirely of co-writer/star Mike Myers riffing, usually with himself, about random subjects like moles or poop. The plot barely e…
Next Bond Movie Coming In Fall Of 2014 – Already Has Writer
While we're getting a new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig next month, it looks like the studios are already looking into the future of James Bond. They've slated the NEXT Bond movie with it currently being called Bond 24, to come to the silver screen in the fall of 2014. Oh, and the…
Cowboys & Aliens!
Check out the new trailer for this comic book adaptation directed by Jon Favreau (Ironman 1 & 2 and eventually 3). Starring 007 and Indiana Jones! Looks promising!