We now have a definitive winner of a show where the points don't matter!

Points on Whose Line Is It Anyway were thrown around like nobody's business. Drew Carey would give 1,000 here, 10,000 there. He'd give them to anyone too. People on stage playing the game, himself, even the audience.

The most anyone ever got at one time was Chip Esten. Drew gave him 1,000 to the tenth degree. That comes out to something like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (spoiler alert: He won the whole damn thing).

Ryan and Colin were probably the most consistent players of the game, so they rounded out the top three. If you took out Chip's huge unfair game-winning number then Kathy Greenwood would be put in third place.

In the video above, it's over 30 minutes of every point given. It shows the grand total at the end of everyone who had points between 1998-2006.

If you don't want to skip to the end to see them, here they are thanks to Reddit user ViciousPenguin:

Recipient Points
Chip Esten 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,041,000
Ryan 1,003,013,946,294.5
Colin 1,003,012,440,918.5
Kathy 1,000,000,060,810
Wayne 3,009,326,744
Greg 1,001,108,542
Brad 2,061,508.5
Denny 1,058,050
Karen 1,005,450
Stephen Colbert 21,000
Drew Carey 12,000
Laura Hall 7,100
Linda Taylor 5,100
Kathy Griffin 5,000
Jeff Davis 4,000
Ian Gomez 4,000
Josie Lawrence 3,000
Whoopi Goldberg 2,500
Patrick Bristow 1,100
Robin Williams 1,000
Anne King 1,000
Kathy Kinney 50
--------- ------
Wardrobe 1,000,000
The Censor 11,000
Camera Crew 3,000
--------- ------
The Audience 3,501,033,806.5
--------- ------
Hugh Hefner 10,000,000
Canada 5,000,000
The Mafia 1,000,000
Jewish Defense League 1,000,000
Estate of Cab Calloway 100,000
Bruce Springsteen 5,000
Nielsen Families 2,000
Patricia McDonald (Ryan's Wife) 1,400
Debra McGrath (Colins' Wife) 1,400
Prissyboy@aol.com 1,000
Cambridge University 1,000
David Hasselhoff 1,000
Carrot Top 1,000
Scotland 1,000
Wayne's Mom 1,000
Ryan's Chiropractor 1,000
NAACP 1,000
Prop Burner 1,000
Mandie Taketa (Wayne's Ex-Wife) 400
Hansel 100
Gretel 100