This is a photo from a very scary scene in New Iberia during the annual Sugarcane Festival. 

Several people posted this photo online Sunday after a kid reportedly crashed this tractor. Luckily, no one reported any serious injuries from this accident.

Apparently, the young kid was placed in the tractor for a photo and that's when he cranked the tractor and put it in reverse.

The tractor came crashing down on a sidewalk below and had it not been for a pole and vehicle in its way there's no telling what the outcome of this may have been.

Many on social media are asking why the keys were still in the tractor if kids were allowed in. Perhaps it was an oversight by someone, still its a question worth asking.

We're just glad that no one was seriously injured in this accident during the festivities.

UPDATE: Some have reported to us that the tractor starts with a push button, not a key. We want you to be aware of this report.