Henry Rollins gave each member of his audience in Toronto a $10 refund after finding out they’d been overcharged for their tickets on Thursday night! The former Black Flag and Rollins Band singer, who’s touring his spoken word show, recieved complaints  about the cost of entry to his show. Henry decided to figure out what the problem was and discovered the crowd was over charged $10 each. So, what does a guy like Henry Rollins do at this point? He then went into the audience with a bundle of cash and handed $10 to each ticketholder, before going on with his show!

Eyewitness fan Nicole H reports: “Henry told us a tale of how a few folks had gotten in touch to say, politely, ‘Hey, it’s awesome you’re coming to town, but, oh gosh, the ticket prices are kinda crazy – even with the Ticketmaster fees."

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